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  1. FAQ

    DONATIONS How much does donator status cost? $10 Can i donate with RSGP? Yes. to donate with RSGP, contact Novsky ingame or via forums. NOTE: You cannot buy ingame cash from other players! This will be considered as real world trading, wich is against the rules! Your account will be banned if you ignore the rules. What is the best thing to buy with store tokens? This is a personal preference __________________________________________________________________________________ MISC. ITEMS What are the best rewards from Clue Scrolls? 3rd age items What is the best way to obtain Crystal Keys? Boss Point store and drops Can you insure your pets? No not as of yet __________________________________________________________________________________ Weapons & Armour Do i have to charge my blowpipe? No, just add darts. Can i change the colour of my Max cape? Yes. You can do this by using certain items on it. + Is fully customisable Can i change the colour of my Slayer Helmet? Yes. You can do this by using 'heads' on the helmet. __________________________________________________________________________________ WHAT TO PRAY What do I pray at Kraken? Protect from Magic What do i pray at Giant Mole? Protect from Melee. What do i pray at Kalphite Queen? Protect from Magic. What do i pray at Corpereal Beast? Protect from Magic. What do i pray at Lizardman Shamans? Protect from Magic. What do i pray at Cerberus? Protect from Magic
  2. Refund Policy Since all purchases are delivered instantly after payment verification and we have no way to control what players do with the items purchased, Eon-Play does not offer refunds. This is simply due to the nature of intangible goods and is a term agreed by the customer before purchase. In the event that items are not delivered due to a technical failure with our payment processor or delivery system and the customer does not receive their purchase within 72 hours, a customer may request a consideration of refund. In this event, we advise customers to reach out to us via our numerous methods of contact. All sales through Eon-Play shop are final. Eon-Play or third party payments providers will give no refunds. Other than a limited, revocable, transferable use of virtual goods purchased or obtained in the game, you have no right in or title to such virtual goods. In the event that your account is terminated or suspended for any reason, in the administration's sole and absolute discretion, or if Eon-Play discontinues its Services or games, you forfeit any and all shop credits and virtual goods accumulated including purchases. We have the absolute right to manage, regulate, control, modify, and/or eliminate Points and/or Virtual Goods as it sees fit in its sole discretion, and Eon-Play shall have no liability to you or anyone for the exercise of such rights. Additionally, any attempts to circumvent this contractual agreement including but not limited to initiating reversal of funds from your bank or financial institution constitutes a direct breach of the terms of sale and forfeits all rights that protect you as a customer. This is fraudulent activity and will be followed up with not only elimination of all items purchased but also deletion of all accounts associated with your IP address and contact information. Fraudulent charge backs will be followed up with legal action and forwarding of all customer information to a third party collections agency. In the event that funds are fraudulently reversed after a payment has been delivered, as specified in the terms of sale that the customer enters into upon purchase, a penalty of $50.00 USD will be incurred every 7 business days for a period no longer than 180 days until the negative balance is remedied.
  3. In-game Rules and Guidelines The in-game rules were updated on 03/06/18 and shall be enforced immediately thereafter. If any rules are broken, the punishment depends on the severity and repeat offenses: Generally you will first receive a warning, or multiple; Then you may be muted - which means all chatting privileges are revoked; Eventually, you may be temporarily banned, meaning you cannot access the in-game account at all for a brief period of time; Or even permanently banned, meaning you cannot access the in-game account at all. In some cases you may be banned from Eon on all accounts and future accounts. If you see a user breaking the rules, use the appropriate department 'Report a User' and report the rule breaker in further detail, with evidences of the rule break, like a screenshot or a video. Respectful Conduct Make a habit of two things - help, or at least, don't cause any harm. Do not spam, this is generally very annoying to other players. Bullying in the game is NOT permitted. Racist, offensive and sexist comments are not permitted. The Eon-Play Staff Team Moderators and administrators of the game are to be respected at all times. Even if they are outside of their jurisdiction, they are still distinguished Eon-Play users and disrespect towards them will not be tolerated. If you feel that a moderator is acting inappropriately, do not make posts about it, or attempt to take justice into your own hand. PM the appropriate community liaison (Novsky) and they will judge on any inappropiate actions. Do not expect an instantaneous response from all the moderators and administrators. Moderating the game is not their entire life and they might be busy with something else. Unspecific requests, questions about merchanting and unrespectful/private questions might not be answered. Inappropriate activity - If in doubt as to whether something is suitable, contact a moderator or administrator first! I. Offensive language will not be tolerated and will be punished. While certain words may not be offensive to you, please be considered of the fact that those same words may have a completely different meaning and effect on someone else, or could be used in a harmful or hateful manner. Additionally, words that are primarily used to belittle, humiliate, defame, threaten, cause embarrassment, are sexual, suggestive in nature, vulgar, obscene, graphic, profane, defamatory, abusive, hateful, bigoted, or otherwise offensive, must be avoided on an on-going basis as they are seen to be used in a negative manner. This includes, but is not limited to: Statements, words, usernames that are, or refer to, sexual, drugs, vulgar, obscene, profane, defamatory, abusive, hateful, violent, threatening, or otherwise offensive subject matter. Harassment, or verbal attaches to be belittle, humiliate, defame, threaten, or cause embarrassment to another Eon Player, Flaming or disputing a rude or vulgar way with other players will not be tolerated. II. Players should not cheat or indulge any dishonest behaviour. This includes, but is not limited to: Use of third party programs or exploit of bugs. Any use of bots or third-party software will be greatly punished. Knowingly exploiting a bug is not tolerated. If by any chance you find mistakes or bugs in the Eon-Play gameplay, report them on the appropriate board (Bug Reports). Encouragement of other players into rule breaking is not permitted and both players will receive punishment. Advertising other websites Advertising other websites are not allowed. No links may be posted. This includes, but is not limited to any non- Eon-Play related businesses, organizations, websites, or forums. Regarding Eon-Play accounts or goods The Eon-Play player accounts are created for their own purpose, and are not to be given to other players use, free or paid. Giving away accounts or asking for an account is not allowed. Sharing or trading an Eon-Play account with somebody else (family, friends, anyone else) is not advised! The Eon-Play gameplay goods are for inside marketing and benefits. Impersonating a user/staff member - Impersonating Eon-Play users or staff members is not permitted. Moderator Note: Eon-Play staff members can be differentiated from regular players by their game crown, which is different according to their titles (Moderators have purple crowns/ Administrators have yellow crowns). Security Account, password, bank PIN or trade scamming attempts are not permitted! This includes, but is not limited to: Asking for or providing personal information such as full names, home address, e-mail address, ages, telephone numbers, bank details, personal pictures. Discussing, planning or advocating illegal activity of any kind. Do not share your private information with somebody you meet online, no matter how trustworthy or honest they seem. Moderator Note: Private information of other members must NOT be released without their permission. Threatening - Threatening, such as banning, is not permitted! This is not limited to just hacking and banning threats. Moderator Note: The Eon-Play staff team is reserving the right to threaten users if needed, without further consequences. Scamming Always make sure you prevent getting scammed by checking the trade or stake carefully. Users may send various scam private messages or game chat messages. These PMs link the receivers to a website closely resembling the forums or Eon-Play website, but this website infact logs the information put in so that the owner can steal said members' Eon-Play accounts. Do not loan your items to anyone, it always comes with the risk of being scammed. Moderator Note: If you receive one of these PMs, please take a screenshot of it, and send a link to this screenshot to any available moderator. They will take appropriate action. Repercussions Failure to follow the aforementioned rules above may result in your account being banned from Eon-Play. In some cases, the ban will be temporary, sometimes in combination with a skill stat reset. Repeat offenders may receive a permanent ban, and some cases may result in a permanent ban immediately. Offensive language - Offensive language, including racist and sexist comments and general offensive language may be punished with a (temporarily) mute on your account. Autoing - Using an automated script, macro, or any type of third-party software in order to generate specific game benefits is forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to autotalking and autoclicking. Anyone suspected for botting will receive a skill reset (if a skill was autoed) and a temporarily or permanent ban if repeat offender. Scamming - We have no tolerance for people who try to take other users' assets with get-rich-quick schemes, promises of rare items, or deceptive exchanges. Running any type of scam, including but not limited to trade scams, gambling, 'fake' merching or stake scams, is strictly prohibited. Hacking - We define it as unauthorized access to another user's account. This includes accessing an account that does not belong to you, or profiting from items taken from a hacked account. Attempts to hack, such as trying to obtain another user's password, will also lead to your account being banned. In case of hacking due to voluntarily account sharing of the original user, both users will be punished for account sharing and no items will be returned. Offgame trading - buying or selling Eon-Play goods or accounts for non-Eon Play related goods or accounts (or vice versa) is not allowed. Advertising - any attempt to advertise or promote any non-Eon-Play content is strictly forbidden and will result in a permanent account banishment. This includes, but is not limited to non-Eon-Play related businesses, websites or other private servers. Impersonating - Any attempts to act like another player or staff member is not allowed. You can face a temporarily or permanent ban for this. Bug abuse - Using a bug to your own benefit is strictly prohibited. All items, experience or other benefits gained will be deleted and your account will be temporarily or permanently suspended. This includes but is not limited to: glitching, noclipping, duping. You can report bugs at the Bug reports forum board, however if the bug can be exploited do not post it publicly but pm a staff member! Moderator Note: Be aware that if your account is banned, you will no longer be able to access your Eon-Play account, items or skills that you worked for, nor are you eligible for any Eon-Play 'extra' benefit that you might have purchased on your suspended account.